Text to Apply is a new feature that allows applicants to text a phone number to apply to your job postings. You are also able to create a customized Text to Apply poster that can be printed and displayed in your location to draw in new applicants. 

Text to Apply provides a more inclusive route of application for potential candidates. When turned on, this feature allows applicants to text a code to your Text to Apply Phone Number that will generate a link to the careers page or job you are advertising. 

You have a choice! You can direct your applicants to your Careers Page, a site Careers Page (if you are using our multisite feature), or to a specific job to apply.  

Enabling the Text to Apply feature on your account is quick and easy. On the Account Details page, scroll down to Customize & Design and select the SMS Settings tool.

From there, you have the option to enable Text to Apply. You can do this by switching the toggle Enable Text to Apply toggle on. 

Once you click the toggle, you then will be able to use the given fields to build your Text to Apply poster. You can choose what section (Main Careers Page, Site Careers Page or Job) the poster is created for, customize the poster headline and text as well as upload a company logo to appear on the Text to Apply poster.